Carla Pivonski®Photography | ArtExpo 2015 Milano


During the Universal Expo 2015 in Milano ArtMeet creates ArtExpo2015

ArtExpo 2015 is not another simple Art fair.

ArtExpo 2015 is a in-depth project where artists, art lovers and art collectors can meet each other to know alternative solutions to do business with art. ArtMeet presents the best selection of artists from around the world.

We have been working on this idea since 2013. So we found a perfect location in one of the most interesting area, during an important event in Milano. And we are happy, for visitors from around the world, to offer an international event connected to art and culture.

In ArtExpo will take part many people, institutions, artists, corporates and media partners.

For this big event we chose an interesting area of Milano: Mecenate quarter in Milano. One of the most important area for events, culture and entertainment industry: studios of RAI (Italian Radio and Television and also SKY Italia record in the same compound).

Art Expo 2015 Exhibitors

Art Expo 2015 Exhibitor Carla Pivonski

Carla Pivonski Photos


Carla Pivonski® Photography | Lugano Art Exhibition


How very exciting it was to be a part of ArtMeet / Gartam at Lugano Fund Forum 2014.

GARTAM LTD is an international advisor for art investment.

GARTAM LTD is created by art dealers, investment firm, international business lawyers and other istitutional partners as traders, banks.

GARTAM LTD is a London based company founded by Dr. Alan D’Orlando to offer to the collectors and investors solutions to enter in the art investment system. Gartam Ltd offers solutions for private and institutional investors. The company has partnerships with art advisors, art dealers and contemporary artists. The special focus is on the contemporary art market. In the world a lot of companies have started to do art investment and they start to develop the culture of the alternative investment. For Gartam the art investment is not only the direct investment on the acquiring of arts. In fact, Gartam offers also in a vision of diversification, advising on the art investment through the participation in start up (in the art market) or through the participation in parallel businesses of the art market. All the Art System is growing in all the world. The collectors are growing. The selling of art goods is globally growing. And the market (specially investors and collectors) has opportunity to grow very fast. The claim of Gartam is Art Is Asset! Finally, Gartam offers consulting for art asset management (art lending, etc.).

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Carla Pivonski Photography

Carla Pivonski®Photography | ArtMeet Milano | Forex Invasion II

Here are a few pics from our group exhibition “Forex Invasion Vol II” ArtMeet in Milan Dec.14, 2014. I exhibited a few photographic works from my series based on Stephen Crane’s “In the Desert.”

Dec17 Forex Volume 2

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